Friday, April 09, 2010

Save Some Sharks?

Hello dear friends!

I've been wanting to embark on a project for awhile now, and i finally decided to use ADEX as a springboard to start. Hope you can read on, understand my intention, and maybe support me somewhat.

I've printed table cards which can be placed on lunch/dinner tables of official functions (wedding, company events, etc), listing a bit of the truth about shark fin and the fate of sharks. If you've previously organised an official lunch/dinner you'd know how difficult it is to explain away not having Shark Fin on your menu.... right?

This would thus be an avenue to explain why Shark Fin is not on the menu; to help organisers say "NO" to Shark Fin. These table cards are A5-sized, folded into half (to be able to stand on the table), and will sell in packets of 30. Each table card would cost $1, thus a lunch/dinner of 30 tables would cost you $30 in table cards; small change compared to the (monetary, conservation and inhumane) cost of Shark Fin! I have a friend who has graciously allowed these cards to be sold at his Red Scuba booth during ADEX over the next few days, and depending on the success this weekend i may sell them at dive shops in the future.

The cards were drafted half a year ago but i didn't manage to get them printed as I didn't have the keenness to start, however last week (in the middle of the night) I decided that ADEX would be the perfect opportunity for me to help start saving some sharks. I rushed last Thursday to finalise the design within two hours then sent it to print, and just a few hours ago i frantically drove around to collect the cards, re-package them (together with two friends), and they're finally prepared for sale at ADEX.

Save Some Sharks!

Help me save some Sharks? =)

Daniel Kwok.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don u donate all proceeds minus cost to "saving sharks" instead of 20% since you r so keen in saving sharks.

Tue Apr 20, 01:07:00 AM  
Blogger Dank said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the query.

I'm aiming to recoup the costs of this first batch sooner in order to embark on the next batch of "Say NO to Shark Fin". I expect to spend more on the next batch for placement in dive shops and (hopefully) wedding planners/events.

"Saving Sharks" is based in New York and although they are solely pro-shark, their efforts are spread throughout many countries. Singapore-based conservation societies are pro-conservation, not solely pro-shark. My intention is to spread the pro-shark message in Singapore as Singapore is a major consumer of Shark Fin, nonetheless 20% to Shark Savers aids the worldwide effort as well.

I dedicated significant personal time and money to this project. With your support i look forward to contributing with more pro-shark efforts soon.

Tue Apr 20, 07:34:00 AM  
Blogger Junbin said...

I want!

Sun Jun 06, 06:29:00 PM  

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