Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Incredibly Magnificent Underwater World... Gone?

One of the things i desire to experience (hopefully sometime soon) is the Sardine Run off South Africa. Millions of fish in a "pathway made up of individual Sardines" stretching for miles and miles, a seemingly endless tube of life... and the predatory Gannets, Dolphins, Sharks and the occasional Whale, all frenzied into a mix of life and death seen nowhere else on this planet.

My desire is not to see the plight of the Sardines, but to see (1) the magnificent and extraordinary migration of the millions of fish, and (2) the annual coming-together of all these thousands of different predators from various oceans to continue this ecosystem of life and death.

Link: The Greatest Shoal on Earth

Soon, however, this magnificent natural phenomenon may be a thing of the past, as fishermen continue to harvest irresponsibly the precious jewels of the sea; the fish, the dolphins and the sharks, all critical elements in the ocean food chain.

Imagine a World Without Fish...
The Movie "The End of the Line" shows the beautiful underwater realm that covers more than 70% of the world we live in, and the reality of irresponsible overfishing. Many people think "even if i stop eating Tuna, others will continue to eat" or "it's already dead, what's the difference". If you think that also, you're mistaken...

Do Your Part in Preserving Our Oceans?
Download the World Wildlife Foundation's (WWF) Singapore Seafood Guide to find out which type of seafood to avoid.

I'm not asking you to abstain from all types of seafood. I'm simply recommending that you be aware of what you eat because your choice of seafood has an impact on the health of our beautiful oceans.

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