Friday, July 09, 2010

Scuba Dive Maldives LOB, 13-21 Feb 2010

I spent the Chinese New Year super long weekend on an LOB in the Maldives. Decided to maximise my public holidays, confirmed everything with a friend within two weeks of the trip and we went for a good week of diving and above-water fun. Total of 20 diving guests on the boat, including 12 of Singaporeans, all of whom (except one) i've never met before. It was a really enjoyable trip despite not having seen Whale Shark or Hammerhead Shark.

Maldives, in the Indian Ocean, South West of Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Flight to Male Airport via transit at Colombo, Sri Lanka
LOB on the MV Princess Lara
Enjoyed 18 dives over 7 days
Number of Fish: Plenty
Interesting sightings: 6 Mantas on the first Manta day, 4 Mantas on the second Manta day, more than 30 sharks (White Tip Reef Sharks and Grey Reef Sharks) on the Shark day, Turtles, Barracudas and lots of fish
Unfortunately: Did not see any Whale Shark or Hammerhead Shark
Visibility: So-so for Maldives, averaging 20-30m

At the Maldives AirportDiving Dhoni from which we did all our dives
There were many Lionfish tooA big Octopus came out to play
School of five Eagle RaysThe six pretties who made the trip really enjoyable -wink-
The Turtles were very friendly tooManta Rays up close and personal
A Marble Ray and a White Tip Reef Shark sharing some shelter under the coralOne of many HUGE Manta Rays that were gracefully swimming around us

I will definitely go back to Maldives again sometime in the future, and definitely on the LOB option in order to cover the many dive sites around the various Atolls.


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