Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scuba Dive P.Perhentian, 2-4 Apr 2010

The long (Good Fryday) weekend presented yet another opportunity to go further North to dive, at Perhentian, with Orpheus Dive.
Where: Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia
Stayed at: Flora Bay Resort
Amount of pleasure: Lots
Number of fish: Extremely Plenty
Number of divers: Few
Visibility: Below Average (5-15m)

Enjoy the photos!
Yellow Shrimpgoby and a ShrimpA Tawny Nurse Shark, Perhentian's perennial favourite
Pair of Cuttlefish at Sugar WreckClutch of Anemonefish Eggs!
Some might dispute, but it's a Blue Ring Octopus!Pikachu Nudibranch

A trip of wonderful finds! =)


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