Sunday, April 24, 2005

Learning to Breathe

"Hello, good morning, how ya do?"

Dank wants to let go. Dank needs to let go. One day he'll know. I want to be free, to enjoy. I need the escape. Someday i'll know. Someday we'll know...

But I am on my way. If i lift my head from the bed of stars, the ocean wide, would i be able to find my way... to the emotionally, mentally and spiritually unknown? Yes i'm on my way.

Dank needs to break free from this life. Dank wants to feel he's needed elsewhere other than here. Dank needs the pull of the world, the world other than the one he is currently living in. He's been holed up for too long, constricted and restrained by habit such that he now feels it's normal to be constricted and restrained. Yesterday left his head kicked in, he never knew it could hurt this bad, but he's learning to breathe and learning to crawl, and finding that you and you alone can break his fall.

I love everything about you. But you are nowhere, just an illusion awaiting to be found.

Who is Dank going to be? When he is on his knees, who is he going to believe? Fear is a lonely man...

My stupid mouth has got me in trouble, saying too much again. How then would i ever find you without the filter in my head?

Dare Dank to move, dare him to lift himself up off the floor. Dare Dank to move, like anything hasn't happened, like everything never happened before. The fallout and the resistance between who he is and who he could be, between how it is and how it should be... Dare Dank to move. Salvation is here...?

Someday We'll Know - Mandy Moore & Jonathon Foreman; I'm On My Way - Rich Price; Learning to Breathe - Switchfoot; Everything About You - Steve Poltz; Innocent Again - Switchfoot; My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer; Dare You to Move - Switchfoot

I should mention i love music with meaningful lyrics...


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ooh u also love A walk to Remember

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