Thursday, May 26, 2005

3-part Ladies' O Guide

For the ladies, three parts towards attaining the ultimate O by SillyCelly.

Part1: The Right Member
"So, how do you predict the ideal member? Ok, let's make it slightly clearer, How do you predict the size of a bloke's genitalia?"
Part2: The Right Member for the G
"This Auntie's guide will discus the importance of length , diameter and shape to hit G and go GA GA GA GA...&^*$$^!!The various members' statistics which are widely available are..."
Part3: Guide to O-Heaven
"For those who haven't felt it before. This is a must read.There are 3 things which need to be controlled for the girls to reach big O."

...all taken from SillyCelly's 3-part guide for ladies, excerpts and direct links found here.

I should mention that i hope you ladies learn a thing or two, and enjoy...


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