Saturday, May 28, 2005

Overnight Slumber Party!

Dank attended his first Overnight Slumber Party in a long long long time...
Ok so maybe it wasn't a party, but it sure was overnight and there was some slumber.

A senior colleague stayed over to watch over the office last night, with Dank in tow as an understudy (learn the ropes). "Watching over" meant: Conduct a fire drill (or two) to ensure the security guard(s) know how to tackle a fire in an emergency, make sure no one steals the tables and chairs and stationary, make sure terrorists don't plant bombs in the kichenette and toilets, ensure the security guard is awake to prevent unauthorised entry into the office, etc.

Nothing eventful last night: conducted fire drill, walked around the office for security checks, slept 3 hours, woke up to walk around again to make sure everything is in order, slept another 3 hours, handed over to the next guy then Dank left.

He got back to his room today and found out that there was a blog pub session last night...! Darn Dank would've wanted to be there, or did he? Anyway he wasn't there 'cos he was watching over his office and the assets of the company; sacrifice the pub session for a "greater good". Yeah right.

He should mention he misses being online...


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