Monday, May 23, 2005

D is for Davina

She doesn't like crowds;
She likes to take the escalator, not the lift.
Dank & Davina
She was looking around;
She was a little bored talking to Dank?
D is for Davina
She wanted a hot drink 'cos she had a cough;
She wanted green tea, not hot chocolate.
Teatime at Breeks
She is Davina... with the nice Nike watch.

Sunday afternoon, Dank had a late kway chap lunch while Davina watched. Then they walked around, chatted over tea/coffee at Breeks, fridge- and bag- and cookbook-shopped, then it was goodbye... Thanx D! Have fun shopping in Bangkok!

Dank should mention she's got the title "M.Sc. IS"...


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