Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Motorcycle and I

Over the weekend (Sat & Sun) i attended all four 1hr40min long theory/riding lessons, marking the theoretical start to attaining my motorcycle license. One particular instructor was relating a lot of gruesome motorbike stories to the class: "traffic accident causing a hairline crack on his backbone which prevents him from riding a motorcycle", "friend who died in a motorcycle accident", "pedestrians killed by motorcyclist", and lots of old newspaper articles showing motorcycle accidents and their riders/pillions flying".

Are they all instructed to scare their students into quitting even before touching a motorbike?

Today i undertook the first practical riding lesson... i actually rode a motorbike; it was surprisingly simple! I can still hear the instructor repeating "close throttle, clutch, brrrreeeak". Simple stuff today: move the bike, dis/mount, starting/stopping, moving off and braking, riding in circles on first gear. Quite exciting! HA.

There was this one guy in our group of five who fell over twice, and almost crashed into the fence; i think the poor guy had a bad sense of coordination. I gave him ample room whenever he was near. We finished the 1hr40min lesson and left.

I'm eating a Subway ColdCutTrio at the moment -hungry-

I should mention i'm looking forward tomy motorcycle license...


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