Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Wondering how to stay in touch (if ever you feel like staying in touch) with me while i'm away the next 4 months? Here's some contact advice!

SMS/Phone Calls
Almost no network coverage 75% of the time so your SMS might might get lost after 4-5 days floating around on the network and i might never get it. Same goes for phone calls because you never know when i get network coverage.

Restricted instant-messaging access due to limited online opportunities.

Right Here (
I might find some time to post a few entries, if possible. Check once a week (or month)... if you feel like.

Best bet to stay in contact with me 'cos i can read them as and when i get Internet access. I'll probably download my mails periodically, spend some offline time formulating my replies then send them all at once at the next Internet access opportunity!

Take care my dearest friends....!


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