Friday, December 29, 2006

I've Taken ill with DWS

I'm ill... i'm having DWS...
Diving Withdrawal Symptoms!
feeling of weightlessness, looking around slowly from side to side and up and down, breathing through the mouth, looking into nooks and crannies for unexpected sightings, swaying from side to side in the pseudo-current.

Just back from a dive holiday to the Similan Islands, off the West coast of Thailand. I spent four days (23-26 Dec 06) onboard the dive boat MV White Manta on a Live Onboard (LOB); enjoying Christmas and the 2nd Tsunami anniversary at sea and with the fish.

Worth Mentioning:
A very big Manta Ray (wing to wing > 5-6m)
Peacock Mantis Shrimp

My very first sightings:
Red Fire Gobies - I was obsessed with finding them, i went in search of them on every dive!
Frog Fish - I didn't know what it was until reviewing the photos
Shultz's Pipefish - Never thought i would see them underwater!
Ornate Ghost Pipfish - my camera battery went flat just before it! Arghhh

Dank & the White MantaFish Galore
A Pair of Red Fire GobiesClarke's Clown Fish in Anemone
These are just four of MANY photos and videos i took on the trip.
See all my Similan Islands Dive Trip Photos

Many Thanx to my dive consultant Ivan Pung for lending me his fabulous Canon S80 and portable one-button-copy hard disk... it was excellent for my many underwater photos and videos! Thanx Ivan!


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