Saturday, December 02, 2006

SonyEricsson w950i (SOLD!)

I bought a SonyEricsson w950i last saturday (25 Nov) 'cos i thought i liked the walkman and radio and 3G and sleek look of it.

Now after i've used it for a week... i realised it isn't what i want:
The walkman function is under-utilised considering my line of work,
the (high quality) earpiece doesn't fit under my helmet,
and it is too pretty a phone for me.

I have just kept it in the box and reverted to my previous phone (Nokia 6510). The w950i is awaiting its next lucky owner.

Anyone wants to buy it over at $900? Price includes:
Original Set (Handset + Battery + Charger + Earpiece + Pouch)
1 Extra Battery (Original)
1 Desktop Battery Charger (Original)
1 Extra Charger (Compatible)
1 Original Receipt from Carrefour
1 Original Warranty + Box
...i paid $1050 for all these just a week ago.

Original Set is in mint condition (no scratches, no bumps, no marks: perfect). Call me if you're interested? I'll buy you dinner if you can help me sell it?

Update: I've gotten a buyer for the phone, and as promised i'm buying dinner. Thanx Mich!


Anonymous whimsical mich said...

thanks for dinner & ride, sleeping seal! =)

Tue Dec 12, 02:02:00 AM  

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