Saturday, January 20, 2007

Layang Layang (confirmed)

Dear You/Diver...
Join me on a dive trip to Layang Layang (E.Malaysia)?

10-15 May 2007, for 5 days.
10 May: Taxi to JB, Fly to KK, stay over in Hotel in KK
11 May: Fly to Layang Layang Resort, 2 Day Dives
12 May: 3 Day Dives
13 May: 3 Day Dives
14 May: 1 Day Dive, 24hr rest in Resort
15 May: Fly back to KK, Fly back to JB, taxi to SG

- air/land transfers from JB to Dive Resort
- 9 Dives (2+3+3+1)
- Insurance
- 1N stay in a KK hotel, 4N stay in Dive Resort

Please let me know (handphone SMS and eMail please) as soon you can, i'll try to get you in. The dive resort vacancies are limited and running out fast!


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