Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry New Year

Greetings on this 4-day-weekend!

This weekend i cleaned my room; mopped the floor, washed my bed linen, cleaned the fan and washed the toilet... i feel satisfied at the state of cleanliness; i'm such a clean freak.

Dank = going to work = 1st day of 2007!
Considering going back to take over at work tonight so that Teo can go countdown with his wife and family. Should i?
-contemplate, decide later-

Xiaoshi called to ask if i wanted to go meet the SoC people for dinner then countdown. I'll probably join for dinner then head to work. What are you doing tonight as 2006 fades away? Spend it sleeping, getting drunk, in the company of close friends, with relatives, at work, studying...?

Michelle's going to London for half a year on exchange:
Take care girl and enjoy yourself there ok? I'm sure you'll have fun, just remember to come back in one piece! =) And by the way... i'm not rich; I just decided that the pink rectangle was worth more to you than its equivalent paper in my wallet to me (and a little persuasion from Clare). I'm glad you liked it.


Blogger msm|chellekwok said...

yeah i'm having quite abit of fun here, though i was abit homesick for the 1st few days.. adjusting ok i guess.

thx for the pink rectangle once again!! it's really very useful & i can get glimpses of home in it too while riding the bus to uni. heh.

term's started so i'm getting busy now.. pop by my blog for updates k! :D *hugs*

Thu Jan 11, 05:22:00 AM  

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