Friday, December 29, 2006

Merry Birthday Lina Chan

1930H - I saw red spots appear on my chest and legs as i was clearing my emails, and brushed it off as irritating mosquito bites.
1945H - The red spots popped up faster than ever and they were warm/itchy.
2000H - I assess i've got rashes.
2015H - Hoping they would disappear on their own.
2030H - Some difficulty breathing.
2045H - ...still hoping rashes and breathing would go...
2100H - Ask around for Antihistamine; nil.
2130H - Decide i need medicine.
2145H - Got a lift from Pam to the pharmacist, paid $7.80 for a box of antihistamine, popped one tablet on the way back.
2200H - Red dots start to disappear.
2215H - Recovered.
2230H - Leaving the house for Double O, to celebrate Lina Chan's birthday.

Merry Birthday Lina!


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