Sunday, July 29, 2007

6 OWD and 5 AOWD

OWD = Open Water Diver
AOWD = Advanced Open Water Diver

Congratulations to the newly qualified OWDs and AWODs!
OWDs: Michelle, Gary, Dewei, Kelly, TzeLoong and HuiLing, and
AWODs: Jeremy, HianChuan, ShiYang, KongJun and Anthony!

Steven decided to abandon Pulau Tioman (and us) for the alternative destination, Pulau Aur. Unfortunate for him, we had a good time with great company! =)

Anyone keen on an LOB on White Manta, 12-15 Oct 07?
(click me for more)

Dank, MayYing & the Open Water DiversIan & his Advanced Open Water Divers
Decorator CrabNembrotha kubaryana
False Anemonefish in AnemoneSpanish Dancer is Dancing!


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