Monday, July 30, 2007

LOB White Manta, 7 Skies Wreck

Would you like to join me on a LOB on the White Manta to the 7 Skies Wreck?

12-15 October 2007 (Fryday night till Monday night)
SG$790 = Cost of Twin Share Cabin (excl equipment, insurance and Nitrox)
9 dives (7 day + 2 night) = Number of Dives
Fryday 630pm - Sunday 730pm = Depart/Arrive Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

Advanced Open Water Diver Certification recommended because of the Deep Dives (twice at 7 Skies Wreck, twice at Igara Wreck) and Night Dives (2 dives).

It is a public holiday weekend (Deepavali Saturday 13 August), so you'll most likely get your Monday off from work = you may not have to take a single day of leave! =)

Please feedback your interest (before Fryday 10 August) with deposit so that i can book/reserve our places on White Manta. Deposit ($300) should be transferred by then, with remainder of the payment made before 12 September (1 month before the trip). Rest assured this will be a popular dive (popular site, popular boat and popular long weekend), so please decide early to avoid disappointment! I'm confirmed on this trip.

White Manta Website
LOB Trip Itinerary

Writeups on "7 Skies Wreck"
White Manta: "98000 ton Bulk Carrier sunk in 1969 after an explosion. She is sitting up right with bottom 62m and funnel at 22m. Wheel house is at 30-35m and 45m main deck. Home to schooling Bat Fish, Trevally, Tuna, Snapper, Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. Best for both recreation and Technical diving. 7 Skies is the best top diving wreck in Asia. " (link)
Imagethief: "While the wreck is fascinating, the guests are the real showstoppers. The Seven Skies is a gigantic, artificial pinnacle on the migratory path for manta rays and whale sharks. In October and November, at the end of the local diving season, these colossal vagabonds use the wreck as a waystation. A resident white manta sets up housekeeping every year for several weeks, often with one or two friends. Late-season divers also stand a fair chance of whale shark sightings. " (link)

Writeup on "Igara Wreck"
DrMike from FiNS forum: "At the time of her sinking the IGARA was the largest ever single marine insurance loss in maritime history. Valued at over 25M USD loaded with 127,718 tonnes of Brazilian iron ore the 136,400 dwt Italian ore/oil steamship Igara was on voyage from Vitoria to Muroran when after pasing through the Sunda Strait, she struck an unchartered rock in the South China sea about 190 nautical miles from Horsborough Lighthouse, off Mendarik Island, on March 11, 1973. However, she did not sink immediately but continued her voyage until her bow settled submerged and resting on the sea bottom in 36m of water about 70 nautical miles from Singapore. She settled with her entire stern section sticking out of the water. The following day, 27 of the 38 crew abandoned ship, and were picked up in their lifeboats by passing vessels. The master and 10 crew stayed on board until March 19 when she began to break across hold no.1. Salvors used explosives to cut through the ship at hold no. 1 and the entire rear section of the ship was towed to Japan where a new forward section was attached and she was renamed the ERACLIDE. When you dive the Igara just consider that what you are seeing is only half the original ship!"

Hope to hear from you soon!


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