Saturday, January 26, 2008

Been wanting to talk about... Trains.

If you ran a Train company, how would you raise profits?

1. Raise Train fares
...because everyone else is raising prices
...passengers have little choice but continue riding the Train
...simply raise $0.05 per passenger x 1 million passengers per day
= $50,000/day = $1,500,000/month! (low estimate)

2. Schedule the Trains to the arrive at the "optimal frequency"
...saves on operating, maintenance and depreciation costs
...each train is packed 95% full for maximum revenue (peak hours)
...passengers are sardined because they have to get to work

3. Lower the air-conditioning to the "optimal coolness"
...significantly lower power consumption saves on electrical bills
...passengers feel warm and uncomfortable
...but not warm enough to complain
...or complaints are at acceptable levels

4. Influence/Instigate a Taxi/Bus fare hike
...less people in Taxis and Buses mean more people in your Trains
...add 0.9 Trains for every 1 passenger increase (see para 2)

I'm just thinking about this hypothetically, IF i ran a Train company.
No names mentioned, no hints dropped, and any relation to persons or organisations existing or defunct/dead are purely coincidental and unintended.

Check out Train passengers' thoughts around the world:
zm the studious bloke (link)
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Imagine this Train ride on your way to work...

Cool eh?


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