Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pride, Joy and Escape

This is my pride; at having done something i so desired to create months ago, having put so much time and effort into. I am proud of myself for finally doing it. It will forever be my legacy as long as it stands, much alive, and filled (almost) to the brim.

This is my joy; enjoying every minute of the sight of it and of those in it, of those who enjoy the sight of it and of those in it. They probably have much to worry about inside: when/how their next meal will come, which bigger being will attempt a bite at them, when their home will be stirred (again), which menacing human face will appear right in front of them, which inconsiderate fingertip/nail will vibrate their environment, etc... but from out here it looks so serene, and it is a joy.

This is my escape; from everything else that brings frustration, displeasure and unhappiness. I seek refuge in it: the countless hours spent with it, changing water, treating illness, tweaking this and that, just simply sitting and staring.

The RH Fish Tank... my fish tank...

I should mention that this is my baby, till i leave...


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