Monday, April 25, 2005

Reminisce: Your First Internet

When did you start using the Internet? How long have you been on the World Wide Web? Can you even remember?

Have you heard of ARPANET? Never heard? It's time you read up a little on the History of the Internet.

Ok, so you have heard of it; then how about... the Internet when it was still in text? (Yeah, I'm referring to the Internet without graphics and colour) You can't imagine the Internet without online lingerie shopping, tons of blogs and pornographic digitalised photos? Imagine again.

Back then, graphics were drawn with ASCII codes; Remember holding the alt-key and typing in a series of numbers on the keypad in order to generate a patterned character? If you don't remember... it's ok, you're living in the comfortable Internet age now. Fun Fact: did you know you could draw a real nice pictures (of pretty (naked) women, no less) in only ASCII? It's like how you'd draw a pair of Oranges on your handphone to send during Chinese New Year, go figure.

A friend on msn commented that she "hadn't used proper english in chatting since regular chatting" and i thought about how long i've been online. It's been so long i can't remember how long ago it was that i was sitting in front of a 286 with a 9.6k modem, listening to the (irritating but mutable) buzz of the modem attempting to connect, prompt for userid/pw, then finally the screen displaying a "Welcome" paragraph and a "press 1 for... press 2 for..." choice list.

Well, this is just an entry to reminisce the days of past when i would sneak up in the wee hours of the night to log on to Teleview (yeah, those were the days if you know what Teleview is) to arrange a meeting with the Teleview gang. It's already been more than 10 years of the Internet and chatting...

I should mention that the reason this post is a little fragmented and ill-elaborated is because i have a paper tomorrow...


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