Thursday, May 05, 2005

How will you be remembered?

When your time comes to pass...
...will there be enemies happy to see you finally gone;
...will there be no one to see you because you are of no significance;
...will there be only your close friends and family because you enjoyed your life in their company, and they in yours, but your life did not matter to those who didn't know you;
...will there be throngs of people waiting to see you for the last time, even people you never met while walking this earth, all holding back tears of sadness at your departure, each bringing different words of the same message; that you were appreciated and will be dearly remembered?

It is indeed very touching to be reminded that there exists in this imperfect world such people as the late Dr Wee who are good and kind; for no ulterior personal motive, for no reason other than to make this world a better place, for not himself but others, for they whom he could make a difference to, for you if you were there needing his help.

You may not be someone as widely known as he, or as influential to be able to effect major change. Indeed, you are just you. But have you tried helping to move a stone for someone in need of that little bit of help no matter how insignificant, made the effort to walk the extra steps to ensure you walk on the outside in case of an unfortunate accident which would ensure you take the first hit, taken into consideration the after-effects of your actions on others as you go about your everyday life, and so much more...?

Would you be making a positive difference to people around you?
Or are you living life for none, only to please yourself?

On many occasions in life people live to please oneself, but on hindsight... do the chances for you to effect positive contribution towards others outnumber the non-chances? I'm not saying it is necessary for you to be miserable or trample on yourself in order to be a positive contribution, and it is definitely not necessary for you to reject any thought of self-fulfilment. But are you able to effect a positive influence on others when previously you didn't even consider the possibility?

The late Dr Wee was "the man who always had a smile for everyone".
Do you?

Former Singapore President Dr Wee Kim Wee
(14 Nov 1915- 2 May 2005)
"Demise of Former President Dr Wee Kim Wee",
Press Statement from the Prime Minister's Office, 2 May 2005
"Former Singapore President Wee Kim Wee Dies at Age 89",
news article on, 2 May 2005
"Thousands Pay Last Respects to the Late Wee Kim Wee at Istana",
news article on, 4 May 2005
"Obituary: Wee Kim Wee, 1915-2005",
special on

I should mention that i teared a lot while reading the articles and writing this entry...


Anonymous jy said...

Well, there are things I should have told u before, but didnt. Now as you close this chapter in your life, I would like you to know you will be remembered. Right from the start when u pulled my surf in from the raging waves, the times when u helped me finish my 'leftovers', when you'd packed breakfast for me from RH (I was staying in Kuok and had none), helping me with my lappy's eccentric behavior, helping my friends with CS1104 even though you have not done your own preparation for it yourself, lending me your arms and back to punch with whenever I am upset, the calls of 'JIAYAN!' at the swimming pool, right up to the smile you always welcome me with. There are just countless times I knew u cared, and I was glad to walk part of the nus life with you.
You will always be remembered, Stupid Man.

Sat May 07, 11:37:00 AM  
Blogger Dank said...

jy > Clarify: they weren't really "raging waves", and Dank always always finishes up the leftovers... but yea, the rest Dank is glad jy appreciates.

Thank you too for being a part of his life. -teary eyed sMiLe-

Sat May 07, 05:57:00 PM  

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