Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rumination, 55min

Dank was standing at a balcony from 735-830am this morning. He waited for 55min a mart to open so that he could go in, spend 3min gathering the stuff he needed to buy (work shoes, safety boots, sandals, overalls, nametag, cap, socks, etc), then walk out with hands fully-laden to grab a cab back. He was back by 910am. This paragraph is beside the point.

Dank was alone and contemplative as he stood there... looking out to sea, at the ships berthed at the pier, at the men and women walking towards their ships, at the clear blue sun-shiny sky, at the sparrow that cleaned/sharpened its beak on the painted zinc shelter, at the cars that streamed into the compound, at the PTI (physical training instructor) as he meticulously placed the cones in preparation for an IPPT session, at the state flag at half-mast...

He took the time to stop and stare. He discovered a little bit more of himself in that 55min alone. It was hot, it was humid, but he was pleased with himself for having taken the time to stop and stare.

He should mention that you too should take the time; take the time to stop and stare...


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