Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Countdown: 7 days

Check - Saturday out for drinks with the final years
Check - Sunday out to dinner with Similans trip friend
Check - (unplanned) Swim/Tan n Wash fishtank filter 100% clean

Saturday: Justin, Tommy, Minh, Jackie, Fairy, and Dank.
Stayed in hall whole day: watched Desperate Housewives, and waited out till it was time to go. Took a cab to Zouk with Justin, Tommy, Minh, got our free invites and went in. Met up with Jackie and her Vietnamese friend Fairy, and we sat to chat and drink. Fairy's first time in Singapore, and nice company.

The girls left not long after, the three guys went down to get some dance, and i strolled. Yes, strolled. Walked around, went out, people-watched, went in, people-watched, walked around, observed the crowd from upstairs, went out for a ($3) meegoreng and ($1.50) canned green tea across the street, then went back in.

I got chatted up by a 32 year old good-looker lady (at least she dressed well enough not to look too old): asked me how old i was, how old i thought she was (26 lah, of course), and she started speaking in Japanese saying her previous boyfriend was Japanese (?!). Told me it's her first time in Zouk (right...) and she was here 'cos it was her friend's birthday. In awhile she tried to drag me down to dance, but i frantically declined 'cos (1) i didn't want to dance, and (2) i didn't want to dance with her. Waited till 3am (lights on timing, right?), then 330am (still not finished?), then 4am (eh one hour late hor), then FINALLY 430am the lights came on and the three of them were willing to pull themselves away from the 80%-male dance floor. Said bye to the good-looker lady, took a cab back, and them three went off to their block. No excuses for slumping in front of the toilet this time, there were three of them.

Sunday: dinner/movie with Yeeling
Met Yeeling at 7pm, decided on a movie and a relaxed dinner at Cafe Cartel; I should let the pictures do the talking.

Yeeling and Dank at Cafe Cartel...
Yeeling, Dank's company for the night Dank, sitting on the other side of the table
No pictures of our meal, only the CafeCartel Menu; and the escalator from the 6th floor of Cineleisure...
Cafe Cartel Menu Overlooking the escalator, awaiting Coach Carter
Awaiting to enter Cinema 4 for Coach Carter...
There it was, Cinema 4 Now Seating! Everyone wants to get in first, we waited outside chatting abit more...
Goodnight Yeeling, from the other side of the gates...
Goodnight Yeeling, parting shot from the other side of the station gates
Dank enjoyed the evening thoroughly, thanx Yeeling! =)

Monday: Swim and Tan, then Filter cleaning (for 4hrs)
I woke up late, found out that i had 3 comments (and celebrated a little), decided the sun was too fine not to go for a dip, got changed within 5min of the decision, and was in the pool another 5min later doing some laps; the convenience of having the pool just across the road.
This is where i took my lifesaving course 4 years ago, trained for lifesaving competitions yearly, won my first medals in sports, learnt scuba diving (basic & advanced), chilled out when depressed, relaxed when stresed; i'm going to miss this pool...
My favourite swimming pool The right side of the swimming pool, a few bikini-clad ladies in the background

Tuesday lunch with (another) Similans trip friend. (postponed)
Tuesday sneak home to collect snailmail & uniforms.
Tuesday dinner with a BahasaIndon class friend.
Wednesday out to get stuff in preparation for work.
Thursday in studying for exam (who's he kidding... studying?).
Fryday exam at 230pm.
Saturday blank out and feel lost spaced out at a chapter closed.
Saturday lunch with (another) Similans trip friend.
Saturday BBQ with Dive people.
Sunday blank out, feel lost spaced out at a chapter closed.
Monday, or Tuesday... off to work.

I should mention that i am going to miss studying life...


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