Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tuesday... 6 days

Pre-work Checklist (cont'd):
Check - Tuesday sneak home to collect snailmail
UNchecked - Tuesday return Betta Pugnax (postponed to Wednesday)
Check - Tuesday dinner with Kristin

Tuesday sneak home to collect snailmail
Went (sneaked) home to collect some stuff i needed for work. While packing someone came home and headed for the toilet; I found out after checking the sandals it was my sister. I "borrowed" her mailbox key, went down to get the mail i required (userid/password letter), and "returned" the key. Finished packing up but decided to check a bit more in case i forgot something else; she came out.
"Oh hi..."
"Finished exams yet?"
"not yet..."
-finished packing, left-

Also got an email today "... can you put us at ease? but of course, only if you're really ok. Can we talk? Call me?"
Don't know; No; No.

Remove and Return Betta Pugnax
Spent an hour trying to catch the Betta Pugnax because it kept hiding inside the thicket of java fern, nanas, driftwood. Finally getting it out, placed it in temporary housing till Wednesday when i can get the OTHER Betta Pugnax out and return them to Vincent's. Took too long, and wasn't able to get both out, i decided to postpone the trip to Wednesday.

Tuesday Dinner n Movie with Kristin
Yeap, another dinner/movie date, tonight it was with Kristin after her second-last paper. I met Kristin during Bahasa Indonesia (level 1) class last semester but never got to know her till i asked her out to lunch two Mondays ago (out of the blue), and to my surprise she agreed! It was then a few days before the exams but she agreed 'cos "she had to eat lunch", yeah right... i bet she just wanted to go out with me. Haha! Anyway, back to this night...

I met Kristin at her exam venue and the nearest bus stop was predictably filled with stressed-out, frustrated, post-exam undergraduates, so we walked all the way to the main road and caught a cab to Orchard. I taught the cab driver the backroad to Cineleisure, good eh? haha. The rest of the story in pictures.

At the exam venue where people were anxiously checking with their peers for answers; and Kristin here was keeping her exam script for handing down to her cousin...
Undergrads milling about looking for assurance Kristin in cab keeping her exam script

Dank busying himself with the cam; and the $4 foodcourt Small Bowl Noodle (xiao wan mian) which tasted not too bad...
Dank in cab fooling around with the camera $4 Small Bowl Noodle at the Cineleisure Foodcourt
Since it wasn't "Seating Now"...
Not seating yet
We took the escalators down; and went for a walk in ColdStorage...
Cars along the road along Cineleisure at night Last customer at ColdStorage
Lovely, delicious, hip/waist/everything-enhancing syrups...
Hershey's Syrup -sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrppppppp- Smucker's Syrup; comes in 4 flavours!
When it was time for us to be "Seating Now" in Cinema 1...
Now seating!
We went in to watch The Translator. The lady at the door scolded me for taking a photo with Kristin OUTSIDE at the lift lobby, and because i didn't want to get scolded inside the theatre as well i just take photo of the blue-light staircase lor...
Cinema Steps in the dark
You can't imagine how many times i made Kristin pose for these shots (lousy camera, don't blame me ok), i better put up one before she charges me for having taken her photos...
Kristin & Dank
Enjoyed myself tonight Kristin, although we had to entertain ourselves by walking three times around ColdStorage to get one bottle of GreenTea. =P
Nice dinner, good movie, great company, thanx Kristin!

Wednesday out to get stuff in preparation for work, and the tailor.
Wednesday night out drinking, hopefully.
Thursday in studying for exam (who's he kidding... studying?).
Fryday exam at 230pm.
Saturday lunch with (another) Similans trip friend.
Saturday BBQ with Dive people.
Sunday blank out, feel lost spaced out at a chapter closed.
Monday, or Tuesday... off to work.

I should mention that i am off to get my stuff again at 715am because i didn't have my userid/password the last time around...


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