Thursday, April 28, 2005

the Wingman

Cab there, $6. Cover charge, $25. Drinks, $28. Free Drinks, $0. Discounted Drinks, $8. More Drinks, $28. Cab again, $6. Member sign-in, $0. Cab back, $10.

Drinks downed fast, not much, but alcohol nonetheless. Brought Tom (hand over shoulder in support) back, walked him down the stairs from the carpark to his block, then he went back to his room. Or so i thought. As i showered Sam (from Tom's block) came in and asked "what did you do to him?". I was taken aback; what did i do?

Apparently Sam found him sprawled face down outside the ground floor toilet of his block unable able to walk back up to his room. I was supposed to have taken care of him; i failed as his wingman. I didn't bring him to his room. At least there'll be more of us on saturday and i won't be the only one; unless i'm the only one who'll have to drag them all back.

I should mention i hate the want-to-puke-nothing-to-puke feeling...


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