Wednesday, June 15, 2005


The Enemy
Size of Enemy: 1cm x 1cm
Numbers: Uncountable, assumed unlimited supply of troops
Transport: Individually winged soldiers
Command and Control: Individual Diptera intelligence
Weapon: Spears carried by each soldier
Poison: Anticoagulating agent injected upon attack
Effect of poison: Swelling causing itch and scratching
Result of effect of poison: Death by itch and scratching
Common Name: Mosquito
Scientific Name: Aedes Albopictus
Gender: Female

Weapon of choice

Mosquito Mat Vaporiser, providing 12 hours of continuous protection per Mat, keeping the enemy at bay and destroying the enemy under prolonged exposure. With refillable Mats of protection available at $8 for 60 Mats, this provides a cost-effective way of ensuring a good night's rest.

I should mention that this is NOT an advertisement...


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