Sunday, June 19, 2005

Enjoyed the nights

Dank enjoyed.

Fryday night, Barcelona for a bottle of wine, then to Hideout for 4 mugs of Heineken with Andrea and Victor. Was introduced to Miyagi and Darryl, and headed back at 5am high and lost; Dank enjoyed the night.

Saturday night, Dank was introduced to TriplePeriod, Vincent, OneLittleTwit (the fairy), Joelle, and the one who graciously invited, Sandralicious. He sat down and got to know them, listened to great live music at Wala-Wala with 4 mugs of Hoegaarden ($17 x3 + 1for1), 2 mugs of Erdinger ($18.80 x2) and a plate of fries ($6), then to Maggi Goreng and a Teh Peng; Dank enjoyed the night. Cheers, new friends!

Do the people mentioned want their photos shown?

Dank should mention he enjoyed their company thoroughly...


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