Sunday, June 19, 2005

A spaceship?

Or is it another revolving restaurant in Singapore? No. The entire 9th floor of the futuristic-looking building is a circular spaceship-shaped level, home to the Supreme Court's Court of Appeal.

The Supreme Court of Singapore
"The Supreme Court of Singapore, which consists of the Court of Appeal and the High Court, sits at the apex of Singapore's judicial system."

Located opposite Parliament House (and opposite Funan), the Supreme Court is technologically-advanced, with modern purpose-built resources to facilitate the administration of justice in Singapore. The new building opens its doors operationally on 20 June 2005 (ChannelNewsAsia news article).

Find out more or take a virtual tour of the Supreme Court of Singapore website.

I should mention i haven't been to that area in months, i didn't even know the new building existed...


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