Sunday, May 22, 2005

Late Lunch, Late Dinner

Dank went for lunch with Jane today, finally, after 2 months of trying to fix a lunch appointment...

CafeCartel at PlazaSingapura for a late lunch at 1515H, Jane didn't want her photo taken, "next time, next time", so Dank could do no more than take her finished plate of Mushroom and Chicken Macaroni, the cup of water she drank from, and a bit of her hand at the back. She wouldn't even allow him to take a photo of her from the back!
Jane's Lunch

After lunch Jane accompanied Dank for a duffel bag look-around, then we went our separate ways...

Late Dinner
Dank didn't really feel like going clubbing but Tommy said he had invites and was going alone, so Dank had to go accompany Tommy. Hungry was he, so he bought two Tempura Chicken burgers from TiongBahru Mac's for a late dinner at 2220H when changing bus en route to Zouk.

Met up with Tommy and his friend Kyla, and her two friends ChuRu and Gen, then entered an almost empty (at 2245H). Met Tommy's sister and her husband, waited for 1-for-1 to buy still-exorbitantly priced drinks. Half hour later Juliana entered Zouk with her kickboxing friend WanWen.

The rest of the night was nothing special. Not many drinks 'cos Dank's broke, got dragged onto the dancefloor by Tommy's sister, didn't want to disappoint her so he let himself be dragged. Left at 3am.

Boring entry this is. Note: not the events, just the entry.

Dank should mention he's hungry now...


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