Friday, May 20, 2005

Makeup.. Cheap and Quick

Ladies... how long do you take to put on your makeup?
30min if you're already late?
45min for work?
60min or more for the all-exciting first date?

Here's Dank's uneducated advice on basic (and cheap) makeup for ladies, ie: never entrust him with a stick of lipstick. Please pardon his ignorance in makeup, he's a guy with no experience with makeup.

What do you need?
A stick of red-coloured lipstick
A tube of black poster-colour.
A tube of silvery sprinkles, the gluey type you used in primary school.

How to apply?
Lips - Normal application of lipstick, no different from normal.
Cheeks - Grab a dollop of lipstick with two fingers (index & thumb), rub it a little to make it more fluid, apply to your cheeks with an appropriate amount: apply more for a redder cheek, apply lightly for a slight blush.
Eye Lashes - Squeeze out half a cm of black poster-colour onto your fingers (clean them after application of blusher or it will result in a red/black mix: maroon) and apply to your eye lashes with your fingers. Do not dilute the poster-colour with water as you would in painting, non-dilution will allow the hardening effect which you want to keep your eye lashes straight and long.
Sparkles - Need a little sparkle to look different and fabulous? The tube of silvery sparkles would do the trick. What's more the tube comes with glue for a quick-apply! Just squeeze out 1cm of it and spread over your face and you'll look like a million dollars (of silvery sparkles)!

...that's the basics to a cheap and quick makeup fix using only your fingers for application. Good thing Dank isn't tasked to do your makeup eh?

Having said that (bunch of crap) he does acknowledge the effort you ladies put into makeup; if not for the people she is with, at least for herself. Dank's fortunate not to need to spend money and time on makeup 'cos he's a guy.
-sigh of relief-

This entry was inspired by Whimsical (can't remember the conversation a few days ago but it had to do with makeup) and Sandralicious (who said her "before" and "after" makeup look was very different).

Dank should mention THE LONG WEEKEND IS HERE...


Anonymous Whimsical said...

Dank needs serious education in the make-up department. Mich has ultra sensitive skin. If she follows your instructions blissfully, she'd never step out of the house again. =)

Items Mich uses:
-Ettusais foundation $52
(japanese brands are good and lightweight on the skin)
-eyebrow pencil (cheap ZA $11+)
-Estee Lauder mascara for the eyelashes(important investment, ard $50)
- Loreal eyeliner (cheap at $16.)
-Ayura eyeshadow (available only in japan. mich thanks her cousin in japan for sponsoring them, coz one pot costs S$40+)
-Lancome Juicy Lips lipgloss (bought in hongkong at a steal :$28)
-Elizabeth Arden 8 Hr lip protectant stick (important investment at $30. it's a very good lip balm with SPF 15.)

Time taken....
-for work: 15-20min (10min if late!)
-Time taken for weekend: 30min
-Time taken for first date: 30 min (not a good idea to stand for too long. induces weariness even before the date has started!)

Mich wld like to reiterate....dank needs serious education in the make-up department..... =P

Fri May 20, 08:15:00 PM  

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