Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Took a Break

...from my busy schedule, forgoing the 20hr sleep i had planned!

20th April 2006: i went shopping.
First i had my hair cut for SG$4, then went to a computer street to look for two cameras which i intended to get. After some bargaining and with no further reduction in prices, i decided to get it back in Singapore instead. Thereafter we headed to the Mall of the Emirates to look-see and to just waste some time before dinner. The indoor ski slope was novel to us for a few minutes, then we headed to Haagen-Dazs to burn some time (and money).
Haagen-DazsIndoor Ski Park

21st April 2006: I spent a whole day out yesterday as well.
6 hours at the Gulf's famous water theme park, Wild Wadi;
then dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, Dubai.

My Wild Wadi Experience
It was enjoyable, having gone out with 5 of my colleagues, enjoying the thrilling water rides and the sight of oh-so-many babes in their tiny bikinis (hey i'm male afterall) strutting around in the hot sunshine. I got myself a nice tan as well after having walked around in only my boardshorts for the whole 6 hours. It was good fun! Everytime i met a lifeguard (there were at least a hundred of them keeping watch at every corner of the place) i asked where they were from, and the diversity was amazing! They came from America, Australia, China, England, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Philippines, Siria, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Uzbekistan, and more!
Wild Wadi and Jumeirah Beach Hotel... view from the 5th floor

Hard Rock Cafe, Dubai
After Wild Wadi, having enjoyed ourselves and gotten a nice golden tan, we headed for dinner. It was my first time dining at a Hard Rock Cafe anywhere in the world... but it wasn't anything special, really. Just branding i feel, although i did buy a t-shirt for myself to remember my visit; it was expensive.

24th April 2006: Taking in the Night Scene of Dubai
Having spent two days holed up and hard at work, i relented and accompanied the boss and a few colleagues for some night-time photography. Check out them beautiful photos!
Entrance to the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, DubaiMan-made, even the little waterway
The (Purple) Burj Al Arab, DubaiI wish...

26th April 2006: Steak for Dinner
After another two days of work, the department went for dinner at a steak place: Yoko Sizzler. Nice!
Dinner @ Yoko SizzlerMe and my Yoko Special Steak it's back to work, again.


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