Thursday, June 15, 2006


I'm feeling aches and i don't know what to do;
1. Try to do something and risk aggravating the pain/ache, or
2. Just leave it alone and wait for the pain to abate.
Tell me?

In the meantime here's an update on the life of Dank:
Dank is busy.
Dank is working really hard.
Dank is getting little sleep.
Dank is tired.
Dank wants to go on a holiday but it seems possible the chance will elude him.
Dank is apprehensive of his impending move to his new place of residence, yet he wants to because it is a certainty.
Dank will be handing over his appointment in a month, undertake an upgrading course in August and assume a new appointment in October.
Dank lacks confidence.
Dank needs to learn more about man-management.


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