Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cupping in TCM

I said in my previous post that i was suffering some aches, thus i decided to proceed for some TCM remedy and headed to the nearby TCM clinic for some tender loving abuse. Those who've gone for such therapy would know the feeling of "tender loving abuse" yeah?

After 45min of pressing, kneading, and whole-bodyweight-elbowing, when the lady asked "do you want to do (some words which meant cupping, or so i thought)" in mandarin, my heart stopped a beat! I didn't intend for cupping treatment, so i tried saying i was meeting friends for dinner and would be late. But she said it would only take 10-15min, there was no extra charge, and it was going to benefit me. I could only agree right?

Cupping in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
"...Ignite the alcohol-soaked cotton ball and thrust into the jar... and very quickly thrust the jar onto the skin...".

Ouch? Yes, Ouch!

Well now i've been cupped; my flesh sucked into a small roundish glass cup, i'm round-circled-bruised on the upper back, and still aching from that soccer mini-match yesterday.
But i certainly feel "shiok" after that treatment.

You want to try?


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