Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life's Like That.

Imagine you're on an all-expenses-paid cruise!
And you fall overboard trying to touch a rainbow...

You wave and shout, and a pretty lady notices you!
But then she turns and walks away...

She returns with the Captain of the ship!
Then they both turn and walk away...

You notice the ship is turning back towards you!
Then you realise it is dangerously close...

The searchlights are turned on and shining at you!
But you are blinded by the brightness and get real nervous... are getting rescued, right? Think again.

Life throws you a life line, only to have that line coil around your arms and legs, immobilising you in the water.

You try to struggle but can't move;
the rescuers don't realise they are hindering you.
You try to keep your head above water;
the life line holds you down.
You drown...

Life's Like That.


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