Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dinner w/Yiming

Went to Singapore Expo today to look/see around an exhibition and met Yiming working there... she was supposed to serve drinks to trade visitors who were interested in the products at that booth, and she said the pay was real good!

Since Dank had no plans he asked Yiming to dinner, then waited half an hour for her to finish work. Took a shuttle bus to Mariott then went up Lido to see if there were any movies to catch: none besides Star Wars which she had promised to watch with her other friends.

Yiming wasn't hungry, so Dank decided to have a BK student's meal (again) while [left photo] she drank a barley and [right photo] pondered about her future employment.
Yiming w/straw Yiming Thinking
After dinner, Dank went to buy something from Popular at Orchard MRT then [left photo] up the escalator and onto the bus back, at 1930H. [right photo] Major road works at the Computer Science faculty in NUS... still can't figure what's the purpose: raising the road to prevent water log?
Dank & Yiming Road Works

That was the end of a tiring week... now to look ahead to a super duper long weekend (Fryday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) again. Time for Dank to catch up on sleep and hope (hope hope hope) he doesn't get phoned and assigned a desk and told to report for work.

Dank should mention he needs to buy a dark-blue jacket for work...


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