Friday, May 20, 2005

Lunch w/Ronnie & Clement

Had lunch with two ex-colleagues, Ronnie and Clement, today at YMCA where Ronnie currently works. We ate at The Y Cafe (4th floor, YMCA)... reasonably priced food which tasted average. I'm not a fan of food so everything is edible. =)

Didn't remember to take a photo of the three of us, but was able to get Clement on camera. Not bad looking eh? He's always hanging out with his guy friends (as opposed to hanging out with his lady friends), or so he says...
Dank & Clement
On the way back i was real bored and attempted to take some crap shots of my reflection, very blur but you get the idea...
Dank's Reflection

Going for Lifesaving training in awhile, i'll try to get some shots of us training so that you'll be able to understand what lifesaving training is all about, you want?

I should mention i spent an hour slacking in a nice fish shop today...


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