Monday, May 16, 2005

Brownie Pts, Helpfulness, Self-Confidence.. and I

I open my mouth too much, especially unnecessarily. Why?
To earn brownie points with the superiors? "I know the answer leh!"
To help out a colleague answer when he's stuck? "I help you okay!"
To increase self confidence 'cos i know? "I smart you know!"

Last week, while out there, i tried to answer a question from my superior which was meant for a colleague. A superior (but not as THE superior) chided me and said "you don't get extra points". I was lost for words... he was right, the question was directed at him, not me.

Today it happened again, but in another situation.

I was supposed to be a "dumb" boss, taking recommendations/suggestions without having to process the consequences, as simple as that. Did i? No. I gave him my point of view, asked him prompting questions on how best to read the situation and a counter-recommendation of my own. At the end of the exercise i reflected and realised i spoke too much.

Do you speak too much to earn points, to help out, or to boost your self-confidence?

I should mention i hate this feeling of speaking when i'm not supposed to...


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