Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dinner & Gelato w/Jiayan

Dank has a confession: he was an hour late. No excuses, he was fish tank accessories shopping in order for Koktiong to transport it back to hostel. Fish tank shopping isn't easy ok!

Anyway after Jiayan died of hunger, Dank and Jiayan went into Takashimaya's Food Village for dinner.

Left photo: Jiayan had some noodles thing Dank said someone recommended (was it Kristin?), and he had Vietnamese food...
Right photo: Jiayan ate very little for dinner 'cos she said "saving my stomache for Venezia Ice Cream!", which was highly recommended by her friend, and which Dank was paying for because he was an hour late... no choice right? After dinner we checked out Venezia and we saw the ice cream stand had an incredible queue! Got free gifts or what?!
Vietnamese Food and Noodle thing w/Egg There's a queue at Venezia!
Left photo: We realised the tubs at the counter looked real appealing... many many yummy flavors!
Right photo: Rum & Raisin, Tiramisu, Mango, Chocolate w/nuts inside...
Venezia Counter at Takashimaya Two Venezia size2 Cups
Left photo: Jiayan's really enjoying her ice cream treat. She said she ate ice cream every single day while she was in Philadelphia, and she lost weight?!
Right photo: Dank & Jiayan and yummy yummy...
Jiayan and her Gelato Dank & Jiayan
Thanx Jiayan for accompanying the Stupid Man for dinner (and free ice cream), and apologies again for making you wait for him (and for putting your pictures with you wearing your glasses)! But you got to buy your nice not-so-pink pink bag, and free ice cream, right? =P

Oh before Dank forgets... she wanted him to put this quote for her:
She's "Single and Available". Serious! She told him to do so at the bus stop. "Single and NOT Available".

...and one more thing: Dank thinks Jennifer and Sandra would definitely love Venezia if not for the gelato then at least for the cute PINK spatula/spoon... yes? Dank purposely washed it and brought it back for a nice photo shoot...
Venezia Gelato Spatula

On the way to the bus stop Dank bought 4pcs of pastry from CrystalJadeCakery (20% off!) and 2pcs from BreadTalk (he felt greedy), $8 stock up for a Sunday in... anyone wants one?

Dank should mention he's not usually late...


Anonymous JeN said...

*nods vigorously* yesss jennifer LURVES veneziaaaaaa~ heh + the pink spoon.. :)

Sun May 15, 02:07:00 AM  
Anonymous jy said...

eherm... Its "Single, but NOT AVAILABLE". This is to save lines of men jumping off from their flats, drowning detergent or slashing their wrists.

Mon May 16, 07:47:00 PM  

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