Sunday, May 15, 2005

Your Target Audience

You have a blog and you update it regularly.
Who is your Target Audience?

Do you blog... a form of talking to yourself? accomplish a lifelong dream? fulfil a family legacy? expand your social circle? search of new drinking/clubbing buddies? want of finding friends to share problems with? hope of chancing upon a life partner? aspiration of blogosphere fame? dream of the status of worldwide celebrity?

Why i blog...
I blog about the stuff that happens in my life, as well as others' articles i read and find worthwhile/amusing to share with you, my audience. What is my blogging purpose? I admit i want to keep my friends (friends?) updated as to the happenings in my life, but what do i want my readers to feel/think of me? Are they to take any action after reading my entries?

I suppose i just want people to know me, but it is a contradiction because what i pen online is not exactly as thought. You don't always say what you want without usually having an underlying meaning... do you? It's the same on my side. As complicated and confusing as it seems, it's true.

I should mention i don't yet know my true blogging purpose...


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