Saturday, May 14, 2005

NUS Floorball 3-on-3

On a super cosy rainy and cool morning i had to drag myself out of bed and to the NUS Floorball 3-on-3 competition at 745am...

I shall summarise the happenings to prevent you from reading boredom, as well as include pictures from the competition.

Our Team Name: "3 Guys and a Boy Wonder"
14 guy teams split into two leagues, top two teams enter the Semis.
We Played 6 games: Won 2, Drew 2, Lost 2.
But we didn't qualify, we finished 5th in our league of 7 teams.
I was top scorer of our team with 4 goals! =)

We were really frustrated at a particular team beacuse they won us using illegitimate tactics (one of them barging us down with his big fat body, holding our sticks, stepping into the kris, etc) and they got through to the finals. However we were happy for having been the only team to win the eventual champions, with the winning goal scored by yours truly. -Big sMiLe- In my previous floorball career (2 years ago) i never scored any goals at all, but this goal was only possible because of the hard work of the team. Pictures, anyone?

Left photo: Face off between the teams.
Right photo: The (really cute) ladies play Floorball too...
Floorball Face-off Ladies' match
Left photo: This is how 3-on-3 Floorball looks like.
Right photo: Our team "3 Guys and a Boy Wonder"
Everyone Enjoys Floorball... Dank, Chinling (Boy Wonder), Jiale, Faizal
Left photo: Dank faces off in the second match of the day, drawing 3-3.
Right photo: We pose for an in-game photo just after we scored a goal.
Dank Faces Off In-Game photo
Left photo: Dank was given a "good job" stick tap for scoring a goal.
Right photo: "3 Guys and a Boy Wonder" playing "Incomplete", the eventual champions of the 3-on-3 competition.
Goal Congratulations We needed to be disciplined and tight in defence
Left photo: "Incomplete" won all their other matches in the competition...
Right photo: The only team who won the eventual champions 1-0, goal courtesy of Dank with great assist from Jiale, aided by wonderful defending by Faizal and a little inexperienced harassing by Chinling (the Boy Wonder).
Smile on our faces... 3 Guys and a Boy Wonder

What is Floorball?
It is a game slightly similar to Ice Hockey. Briefly... The playing court is enclosed, a floorball stick is used (the blade can be hooked to the player's preference), with 6 players a side including a goalkeeper.
To find out more, visit the Int'l Floorball Federation site:

Oh one more point to add, most of those ladies playing floorball were real cute! I was distracted very much of the time...
Good looking + fit enough for floorball = Yummy! =p

I should mention it was good to enjoy floorball again after 2 years...


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