Saturday, May 07, 2005

For the ladies

For the ladies, Dank thinks of you too...
so here's something for the ladies to laugh at: Men's underwear.

AKK checked out a men's underwear catalogue.
This is what she had to say...

ahaaha.....Oh gosh, when I first saw this, I cracked up like a peanut under pressure. What you mean by rounder and fuller? I didn't know that men treat their buns as Southern Breasts! i didn't know that they wanted Big Round ones like we girls do! I was so blind and stupid! I haven't got a clue! Now like some chigopek men who stare at women, I shall be going round staring at men's butts, trying to see if it's real or maximised....

...taken from "This is an R(A) entry, you have been warned!" by AKK

Dank should mention he's doing nothing this saturday...
read: anyone want to ask him out?


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