Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sail through an earthquake

"The Sail@Marina Bay project will have one of Asia's tallest buildings, but the residential project could also be one of the safest: it is built to withstand even earthquakes."

Imagine the whole Shenton Way and Raffles Place area a spread of rubble in the aftermath of an earthquake, but the two towers of The Sail@Marina Bay still strong and standing. What would the (rich) residents of The Sail@Marina Bay do without their CBD-district offices just across the road?

"Engineering design consultants involved in the project claim this is Singapore's only residential project designed to withstand earthquakes."

So... in the event of an earthquake here in Singapore everyone else dies except the (rich) residents in The Sail@Marina Bay? Yay, we've got people to carry on the prosperity of the Little Red Dot!

"The managing director of Meinhardt Singapore, said, "All the safety measures are state-of-the-art, and currently available technology has been built into this building. The whole idea was really, trying to secure the peace of mind for the purchasers." "

Let's all go get a unit at The Sail@Marina Bay!

...original article "The Sail at Marina Bay built to withstand earthquakes" on ChannelNewsAsia

I should mention i apologise for lousy entries the past few days...


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