Sunday, May 08, 2005

Saturday... 2 days

Saturday is midnightedly over.

Pre-work Checklist (cont'd):
UNcheck - Saturday lunch.
UNcheck - Saturday out to drink/club.

Dank was looking forward to getting out there:
to actually eat lunch after a week of no-lunch, to simply go out, to experience the joy of being with a friend (any friend), to escape being alone, to indulge in some friendly face-to-face conversation over a meal/drink, to anything...

Dank's eventual saturday company:
Desperate Housewives, 4 episodes
Subway's 1ft ColdCutTrio in ParmesanOregano w/SweetOnionSauce
Uploading photos of friends on Flickr, update "Dank's Friends"

Dank's not angry at you 'cos he didn't go out.
He's just describing his day as it was, please forgive him.

Sunday lunch, maybe.
Monday 0830H work.

Dank should mention having eye candy is good sometimes...


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