Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday... still not yet

The time is 1230H and Dank's back in his hostel room. So early? Yes, half day.

Getting up:
0600H subconsciously disable alarm clock
0610H subconsciously disable 2nd alarm clock
0615H realise it's inevitable
0621H squint at the clock again
0625H finally drag himself out of bed to shower
0640H clothed and on his way...

0655H board MRT from Clementi
0740H board shuttle bus from Tanah Merah
0800H clear security, etc
0820H finally enter the office...

0850H fill in some forms
0915H powerpoint briefing on what we are to expect
0930H assignment into departments
0945H clarification of some details
1000H "ok, you can go to your departments tomorrow"

That's it. We went for a simple breakfast in the canteen, then a colleague gave us a lift back (one in Tampines, and Dank back to Clementi) on his way back to HollandV.

Boring entry from a boring half day. -yawn-
Dank's not complaining.

Dank should mention he only slept 2hrs last night...


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