Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday... the end

Pre-working life is officially over when i wake up at 0600H on Monday morning...

Pre-work Checklist (cont'd):
UNcheck - Sunday lunch/dinner.
Check - Movie.

2125H xXx2 at Cineleisure
Yes i went to Cineleisure, again, for the third time this week to catch a movie.
This time it was xXx2: a guy's bang bang show with lots of guns, rifles, tanks, fast cars, etc. I got warned "no pictures please" again, this time taking photos of the popcorn special.

Two Lemon Teas and a Mixed Popcorn please; That's Clare...
Special, really? Dank & Clare
Is that Koktiong? Heeren is purple at night...
It sure looks like Koktiong, especially with the clothes off! Heeren night shot
Dice alight, preparing for the IRs? That's me, i was driving (no hands)...
Dice alight in the car next door, on the way back Dank is shocked
If you didn't ask me out to a movie i'd be spending the night with some doctors on Scrubs (season2), thanx Clare!

Quite a rushed night: change, drive out, collect tickets, buy popcorn/drinks, watch show, drive back, post a final pre-work blog entry, shower, sleep...

Monday 0830H work.

I should mention i'm starting work in 9 hours...


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