Friday, May 13, 2005

Fryday the 13th

It is today Fryday the 13th, you know?

Sequence of Events (last 20hrs)
2200H I called to inform we'll be reporting for work on Fryday
2202H Told to report for work on Monday instead
2203H Decide whether or not to go clubbing
2330H ...still undecided...
0200H Sleep
0905H Phone call informing of probable Liaison duty next week
1130H Phone call informing of department assignment
1230H Invited by a friend to join a Floorball competition tomorrow
1330H Lunch at YIH
1500H Clear up 2nd fish tank: remove shrimps, wash, scrub, wipe
1545H Sprinkle fertilise-mixed fish tank gravel on dead grass patch
1700H Admin running around to verify CCA records
1800H Blog this entry
That's my mundane day...

Where to stay?
Through the day i did think about where i'll stay when my hostel stay expires in July but i really have no answer. Anyone has a spare room, or a spare corner of the house, any space at all, to let? Preferably in the Central/West area of Singapore 'cos i'll be working in the West for the next 2 years at least.

Where am i?
Also today i got a phonecall from a family friend asking why she hasn't seen me in recent months, i didn't give a definite answer 'cos i didn't want to say "i just don't want to go home so you won't be seeing me anywhere near home". She also asked if we could meet up but i told her my work schedule wasn't fixed and some other lame excuses 'cos i didn't want to say "no i don't want to meet and talk with you". Am i such a coward? Probably in that area of my life, yes.

The pessimist, i...
I've been thinking also: why am i apprehensive about how my training will be? I reasoned that i shouldn't be 'cos hundreds of others have gone before me and completed it, why should i be afraid? Truth is i'm a pessimist and low on self confidence; i always look down on myself. It's true. I try to be positive, but it's just not me. Don't know if you can help me 'cos it's an internal thing... you'll definitely give me advice and remind me again and again, but it's still a psychological tihng. Thanx for wanting to try anyway.

What's up henceforth till Monday?
1930H Lifesaving training at the pool
2230H Floorball hit-around in hostel
0830H Floorball Competition in NUS
1500H onwards nothing else

I should mention i would like to go out with you...


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