Monday, May 09, 2005

Lifesaving Training

The second half of today was good, and bad:
1) Drove half around S'pore to a fish shop, it's closed on Mondays.
2) Went to tailor to get uniform, tailor wrong waist size, redo.
3) Went to aother fish shop, spent 2hrs there, didn't buy anything.
In the end he came back, chatted a little online, then went for training.

Imagine oily, fried, unhealthy food... no wonder he looks like this:
Koktiong enjoying his unhealthy lunch.
...Dank can still feel the oil churning inside;
NOmoreKFC in a long long time;
makes the training today seem like overtime.

Today teamNUS Lifesaving conducted their first training session in preparation for the upcoming NUS Invitational Lifesaving and the National Lifesaving Championships in August. teamNUS Lifesaving is aiming to re-take their champions trophy they had held for 13 years before loaning it away for a year (2004/5). More trainings to come, we need to train hard...

Dank took over training from Sim today 'cos Sim was conducting training for the Singapore Lifesaving Team who are going to the Arafura Games 2005 on Thursday. Singapore's also being represented in other sports, although Dank doesn't know exactly which. Today being the first training in a long long time, we swam many many laps (ok not so many many, but it seemed like an endless swim for the unconditioned) and Dank's quite tired... coupled with the 2hrs of sleep last night, he's beaten.

Till the next time Dank gets back to his beloved laptop, his world of blogging/etc, and... you (read: "you" his friends).

Dank should mention he's ready to be deployed, anywhere...


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