Thursday, May 12, 2005

PMS: It's (not) only about the ladies

Ladies... you have the once-a-month thing, you have PMS.
Gentlemen... we have the once-a-month thing, we have PMS.

Your PMS: Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Our PMS: Poor Man Suffering (according to kennysia)

He disclaims: "Lashing out against women, I am not. More like crying foul at the uhh... "injustices" myself and boyfriends around the world are facing."

It is ONLY you, or is it?

"Why ar? Why do women have to abuse their boyfriends so harshly they're having their period? I mean, its none of OUR business you're having your period bah! Its not our fault you're constructed that way. We can't change that. You think we want you to bleed every month ar?"

...taken from "PMS = Poor Man Suffering" by kenny.

I should mention PMS is dangerous for some men, safe for others...


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