Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dank's Back

Dank was away for 42 days together with 138 people to three countries;
fortunately, or unfortunately, he's back.

Updates to follow...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Happy 9th August

Dank wasn't in Singapore on 9th August... but he felt more patriotic than he had ever felt every single time he was in Singapore on previous 9th Augusts.

As most of this period of 6 weeks is spent interacting with foreigners (Australians, Malaysians, Indonesians, New Zealanders), it is always easy to see how fortunate Singaporeans are in Singapore; the efficient transport network, the clean environment, the good security everywhere, etc. Most times the citizens of Singapore only look towards the negativities of their individual lives and think not the bigger picture. "Why are there so many rules in Singapore?", "Why this cannot do, that cannot do?", "Now smoke in coffeeshop also cannot?!"... Do people think about the considerations behind the rules? Dank thinks not.

Being away from Singapore opens your eyes to the world (not that it wasn't already quite open): You feel the insecurities of foreigners in their homeland, you see the envy in their eyes when you mention the safe and peaceful state in Singapore, you hear of the pride of Singaporeans as they mention their homeland's state of affairs.

Oftentimes the layperson thinks individualistically, for oneself. Seldom does he look at the bigger picture. Do you?
...since 14 April 2005