Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Pledge Moment 2009"

Are you a Singaporean? If you are a Singaporean:
1. Did you celebrate National Day on 9 Aug 09?
2. Did you watch the National Day Parade?
3. Did you join in the Pledge Moment?

I wasn't in Singapore on 9 August but i organised a Pledge Moment and it felt nice knowing i contributed to the worldwide voice of Singapore! Were you a part of that voice at 8:22pm? Anyway here's sharing a heartwarming National Day Pledge Moment.

A Republic of Singapore ship was away from Singapore with 175 Singaporeans embarked. At 8:22pm on 9 August 2009, they all gathered to participate in the Pledge Moment somewhere in the South China Sea: The Pledge, National Anthem, and a Birthday Song to Singapore...

...since 14 April 2005